How to care for your Livie & Luca Shoes

How to care for your Livie & Luca Shoes

We have written before about the best ways to take care of your little ones feet. This week, we thought we would share some advice on how to keep their favourite shoes in top tip condition!

1. Keep ‘em Clean!

When it comes to cleaning your leather Livie & Luca shoes we recommend gentle spot cleaning, following the standard care instructions for leather shoes. Regular cleaning and conditioning can be a good way to prolong the life of your favourite footwear!

If you have a pair of our fabric pairs, like our Carta’s for instance, the best way to remove marks is to spot clean them using a mild washing up liquid and a tiny bit of water.

2. Wet Weather Rescue !

If your little ones are anything like mine, they se a piddle and jump right in, splashing themselves, me, their siblings and their gorgeous shoes! In the event that your tots Livie & Luca’s get soaked through, stuff them with newspaper to prevent them shrinking as they dry. Make sure you change the newspaper every few hours to speed up the drying process!

3. Avoid toe dragging

Kids shoes are bound to be put through their paces we know. With so much of the world at their feet to explore and with this in mind our design and testing processes ensure that not only are our shoes fit for walking, they’re fit for playing, partying running, twirling, and whirling too. But the one thing we urge you to avoid is toe dragging! Toe dragging can leave your littlies shoes looking and feeling rather sorry for themselves.

4. Make friends with your Cobbler

Your local cobbler will be able to make any quick fixes to your shoes for pennies! Whether it’s sewing on a button, adjusting the Velcro or re-stitching a seem which your four year old merrily sat and unpicked during carpet time at pre-school – yes, I speak from experience!

We are always on hand to provide advice on all things shoes, so please if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us at or tweet us @livieandlucaUK.