Livie & Luca Talk to one of our Solemates

Livie & Luca Talk to one of our Solemates

It's that time again to talk to one of our Solemates and find out what they love about Livie & Luca UK........

Tell us a little bit about you and your tot?

I’m Sooby and I’m a stylist and editor of a kids fashion and interiors magazine, Mutiny Kids. Best of all, I’m also Penny’s mum. She is 3.5 and we live in Dublin with her Dad. The three of us have the best fun, and love spending time together on mini and big adventures.

What was your first ever Livie & Luca purchase?

Our first Livie and Luca shoes were a little pair of pink and brown cowboy style boots. I loved them so much, that I bought them in the next size up too. The pair I will always regret not managing to source were a gorgeous pink pair, with a red stripe up the front and a zip at the back. Penny’s bff had them as her first shoes, and we were a little jealous! lol.

Where does your little one like to go in her Livie & Luca shoes?

Penny loves to wear her Livie and Luca shoes everywhere. Her favourite places are anywhere she can run, ride her scooter or balance bike. She loves the beach and visiting friends and family, and just like me, is very excited when we get away to a hotel for a sneaky mini break! We always have at least one pair of L&L shoes packed with us for trips away.

What does your little one like to wear with their Livie & Luca shoes?

Penny loves clothes and, at the moment is going through a dress phase. She calls her Livie and Luca Archies ‘running shoes’ though so she's happy to wear trousers with them. She pairs them with all kinds of outfits and especially likes to visit her Granny wearing them, because her granny LOVES them and always compliments them. (Penny loves a bit of praise :-) )

If you could have any pair of Livie & Luca shoes, which would you choose?

Oh that is such a hard decision and why we always end up buying more than one pair at a time. I love the cobalt blue, or magenta colours of the Ruche this season, and the black gold is awesome too. Both Penny and I love gold, so the brass metallic petals are on our list too. But really, as I said…to many to choose!!

What does your tot love about her Livie & Luca shoes?

She loves that she can put them on herself. I think she considers them ‘cool’ and she loves how comfortable they are. They also make her run really really fast… :-)

What do you love about Livie & Luca shoes?

I love so many things about Livie and Luca shoes. I love how soft and pliable they are. I know Penny will always be comfortable in them, and they are allowing her little feet to grow as they would, if she wasn't wearing shoes. I love the varying styles throughout each seasons range. I miss the sweet little ankle boot zip up styles in the girls range from previous seasons though, so fingers crossed there will be more of those in the future.

I love the handy sizing guide and the amazing customer service. I love that when you purchase a pair of Livie and Luca shoes, you are instantly part of the Livie and Luca community. We took part in their birthday celebrations earlier this year (which coincidently fell on my birthday too!) and we had so much fun joining in all the online fun. We are so grateful to be customers and friends of Livie and Luca UK.

Thank you Penny and Sooby for your gorgeous photographs and Solemates interview, we love to hear all about you and your little ones!